A big thank you to those who read this blog and a special thanks to Austin Welch who was kind enough to allow me to use one of his pictures as the title picture.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wants and Needs

There's that person that you want
But don't need
Want them so much
It almost turns into greed
Not for money
But for the feeling of honey
The soft feel that goes to your heart
The warmth that you get from art
The irresistible touch and smell
That one thing you cant tell
The tiny creatures inside you
The feeling that you want them to find you
You find yourself not only wanting
You find yourself absolutely needing
Needing them more then air
Not having them doesn't seem fair
You want them
You need them
But you can't have them

When Will We Learn?

What have teenagers come to these days?
Is it possible that we are getting worse by the year?
When will some of us learn to open up?
And when will some of us learn to grow up?

When will we realize that we are not the best thing on earth?
And when will some of us learn that they are not alone?
When will some of us learn to do the right thing?
When will some of us realize how to sing?

To sing your true self out
To sing what you really are
To sing in the name
Of the ones that aren't with us

Not with us because of us
Because we didn't learn to grow up
Because we felt like picking on the ones
Who thought they were alone

For the ones that only sung
Only sung the words that would make them more
make them more popular
Make them more known

That sung the words that ended someone else's
Pushing then to stop their song
To stop their heart and BAM!
They're gone


Sunday, May 9, 2010


We all have had those moments when we feel as though we are on top of the world. When life seems to fall into place and everything you do is the right thing. Those moments make you feel Invincible. As if you have just won one of the most epic battles. Nothing can bring you down. Not a person, place or a thing. Nothing. You are Invincible.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Your Only Friend

Music sometimes seems to be your only Friend. The one that's always there for you when everyone else is either too busy or just can't handle being there. Music speaks to you in a way that no one else is capable of. It tells you exactly what you want to hear. The sweet and tender sound of your guitar and the soft touch as you strum it. Always that note that fills your heart with happiness and makes a smile return to your face. Music sometimes seems to be your only friend.

"Jump Back Up"

Sometimes life treats you in a way that makes you feel like nothing good can come out of it. You asks yourself if all this is happening to you because you might have done something wrong. You ask yourself if karma is catching up to you, but what karma? You don't recall ever doing something wrong to deserve this. Just as it starts to get better, something else comes up continuing an endless cycle. Just keep you head high and have the good things in your life overpower the bad ones.