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Monday, May 10, 2010

When Will We Learn?

What have teenagers come to these days?
Is it possible that we are getting worse by the year?
When will some of us learn to open up?
And when will some of us learn to grow up?

When will we realize that we are not the best thing on earth?
And when will some of us learn that they are not alone?
When will some of us learn to do the right thing?
When will some of us realize how to sing?

To sing your true self out
To sing what you really are
To sing in the name
Of the ones that aren't with us

Not with us because of us
Because we didn't learn to grow up
Because we felt like picking on the ones
Who thought they were alone

For the ones that only sung
Only sung the words that would make them more
make them more popular
Make them more known

That sung the words that ended someone else's
Pushing then to stop their song
To stop their heart and BAM!
They're gone


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